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Who are Odds365?  

Odds365 is a website which provides betting analysis from the lower leagues in England and Denmark to any other league in the World. Via my insider informations and depth research, I try all the time to be ahead of the bookies and find odds that contains bet value of around 108-115%.

Fixed matches 100% don’t exist in my world, value betting is my strongest conviction path towards profits. I could never recommend a predictions which no value, because you will lose on it in the long run. I also almost only predict matches where the odds is around 1.80 – 2.20. Because the higher the odds is, the higher is the possibility to have profit in long term. Another important rule is to only bet on single matches, never bet on combi matches, because for every extra match you add on your coupon, your possibility win will be lower.

And my last important rule is to have a clear Money Management, without this, you will lose. You can find a lot of good stuff about Money Management in betting via Google.


ROI  112%

Since 2012 I have delivered about 1,000 games with a ROI 112%, which is at the high end among similar services in World. It is therefore important to take into account the average odds, which is about 2.16 and it is high compared to similar services.

My focus and core competency are matches from the lower leagues in England. But also from any other leagues in the world, as long the predictions contains value.


How do I find informations ?

I spend a lot of time on research that involves information on the clubs’ websites, fan pages and local media.

I am also involved in a court “exclusive” group in England, where some of the best British tipsters are. Here I pick up 50% of my insider information of the English games and 80-90% of the time when I send the games to my clients before the odds are dropping.

Our VIP – Membership is therefore NOT expensive compared to the work and quality I put in it. Read more under the menu VIP – Membership.



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